Let`s Challenge Ourselves!

Ladies, I have been thinking about some words of encouragement for this week and here it is. However, it comes with some challenging thoughts and actual practical work for you to consider doing.  Please know this I am going through this right there with you and learning alongside you…and am looking forward to developing fresh perspective together!

How many minutes or hours in a day do you think you spend getting yourself looking a certain way? Counting carbs or calories? Planning for a meeting? Packing lunches? Doing laundry? Studying a course? Shopping? Reading? Crocheting? Watching TV? Online social interaction? Reading or sending emails or texts?  You get the picture right? Hope so.

The above listed activities and things like them can be productive, necessary, and enjoyable. So why am I asking you to consider them.  We have to remember that there many areas of your life to spend time involved in and caring for. We have our physical well being, mental well being, social well being, emotional well being and our spiritual well being.

It seems so easy for us to leave the spiritual care to the end. Somehow we have got things backwards and consider it the easiest to negotiate..something to be squeezed in whenever we can. When was the last time you heard someone say or have said yourself something like: “I want to read my Bible more, but I just don’t have time” or “I would attend that Bible study but I need to work out more and that is a good night to hit the gym” or “I know we shouldn’t have missed church on Sunday but there was just so much to get done around the house”?

On the other hand when was the last time you or someone you know said something like: “I really wanted to sleep in, but I decided to read scripture instead” or “I think I am going to have to quit (fill in activity of choice) so I have more time for devotionals”?

If you are like me what you hear and have said the first series of comments, or similar, significantly more than the secondary.

We need to ensure we consider serious the scripture in Matthew 6:33

Seek FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added onto you.

or Proverbs 3:6

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

There are many more scriptures like this. It encourages us that nothing else we do will be a success, that our efforts will be in vain if God is not first before ALL things. He and His kingdom need to be our priority in everything.

Easy to say, easy to KNOW, hard to put into practice.


Here is something to get us started. I want you for the next 2 weeks, to spend some time tracking your activities. Use your phone, print up an excel spreadsheet, grab a journal, or like me use the closest scrap of paper and crayon.  It does not need to be detailed or neat. Before you go to bed each night try think about how much time (approximately) you spend on your activities.  At the bottom of the list add “Spending Quality Time With God Acknowledging Him and Seeking His Kingdom”.  I have not done this yet,  but will start be starting – and will share the results.  However, without even starting I will tell you I will sit look at the results and know I need my Father, know I need to apologize for my selfish living, know I need to stop making excuses so often and for making Him an add-on to my busy life.

I am looking forward to this challenge and what I will learn from it, and how God will use it to direct my path.  I hope some of you will join with me.

Blessings to you all.


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