The Big Plan…

Wrote this 3 years ago for a bible study devotional I was sharing…read it and thought that many of our young moms may relate…and hopefully some mature ones too!

I am at the point now where I find myself at the mall in my pyjama pants, unsure if I combed my hair that morning, trying to decide if it is baby who smells like spit up, or if it is my shirt… and I shut myself in the bathroom or ‘office’ to have an adult conversation.

You know, when I first found Christ I was a teenager. For the longest time I held a belief that God was going to use me in a really big plan and that He had great things in store for my life.  Not that I felt entitled, but I knew He could do anything, and I was certain whatever He would do with me it would be big. It is hard sometimes to see between the pyjama pants and crayons that same excitement about the big plan. Often I feel like the day is filled with dishes and diapers and going thru the motions of the day has little value to the work of the kingdom.

When I was expecting I was given some books.  There was “Pregnancy for Dummies”; “What to Expect When you are Expecting”; “What to Expect in The First Year”; “Baby 411”; “Toddler 411” and “The Baby Whisperer”.  They literally dissect every aspect of parenting from how they should sleep, what they should eat, how to burp them, when they should roll over, eat, crawl, walk, talk, you name it they give you guidance on it. I think a lot of mothers today are parenting with a shadow of worry or fear about doing everything ‘right’ as we are so inundated with information.  Most of the ‘milestones’ I tried not to get caught up with so long as baby is healthy. I figure that in most cases they will eventually figure it out, after all I have never met an adult who does not know how to roll over!

On the other hand they may go through their whole life never knowing about God. They may never meet someone who demonstrates what being a believer is.  They may never know what He is really like, what His plan is, what Christ did for us. I have no expectation to be a perfect parent, and from experience I am certain I am not a perfect parent.  But I have never felt such a sense of responsibility as giving my God a solid introduction and good first impression to my children.  Although I cannot make the decision for them or force them to believe, I can do all that I can to help guide them home to heaven.

The other day while I sat and worked at the computer Elizabeth sat by her brother’s chair, as she usually does because she is fascinated with him, and I heard her talking away. Upon listening closer I realized that she was singing her very best version of “Jesus Loves Me” to her brother. Funny isn’t it how it is in the simple moments that you learn the most?  In that simple moment I realized that God was using me to do great things. He was using me as part of a really big plan.  I am most likely my children’s first impression of what a Christian looks like and I have the incredible opportunity to introduce them to their heavenly Father. What greater plan for their lives is there than God’s will for them to be part of His heavenly kingdom?

This is good and pleases God our Savior, who wants everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.” 1 Timothy 2:3-4

All this makes me think of the poor widow in the Bible who did not give more in amount, but she gave out of her poverty and gave all that she had.  Perhaps I am not part of a big important plan (at least big and important from the world’s perspective), but I will give my children all that I have to honour my Lord, and help them seek the kingdom.

I encourage you that if something makes you feel like you are just going through the motions and you cannot see how it has value for the kingdom of God that in the simplest task God is still at work.


One thought on “The Big Plan…

  1. Thank you for sharing this heart-felt message of what is really important in life, from God’s perspective and in the light of eternity! Raising the next generation is an awesome responsibility and privilege.


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