Who Will You Allow God To Be?

Who will God and His son Jesus Christ be to you in the coming year?

The_Old_Rugged_Cross_by_The_Biblical_SerpentWill you allow Christ to be your Saviour…the one who saved you and paid for your sin? The one who gave it all so you can live free from the debt of mistakes you have made and walk in Grace? (John 4:42)

Will you allow Christ to be your Deliverer…protecting you from the attacks of the enemy, providing His strength and power and might in circumstances that are beyond our capacity? (Luke 4:18)

Will you allow God to be your Father…patiently correcting, celebrating and mourning with you through every circumstance you encounter?

Will you allow them to be your Friend…a confidant who understands you more that you do yourself, a safe place to express who you are fully, understanding He knows you completely. (John 15:15) (James 2:23)

Will you Allow God to be King In your life…the unchanging, loving authority who will always be just, always work things for good and command respect in your life? (Psalm 95:3)

God is called many things in the Bible including Saviour, Deliverer, Father, Friend and King. Also, Ransom, Rescue, Keeper, Healer, Helper, Councillor, and Prince of Peace.

It is my hope that this year, you will allow God to be those things to you. He wants to be your everything, and He is more than capable of doing just that.


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