Finding My Church Family

Choosing and changing a church for us was a major decision, and involved just over a year of visiting and testing, and questions before we made the move. I wondered if I would ever be certain we made the right decision.

I was standing in church last Sunday and all of a sudden with the music playing a parade of children started down the aisle. I watched them laughing, singing, or in some cases disliking every minute as they walked around waiving their palm branches in the air. Their behaviour led me to consider how many there were, and how different each one was.

It was everything I had ever wanted God to bring into my children’s lives. A community of children, growing, learning and playing together.  My mind started racing about the future and all it would bring. I started to think about their parents and families, many of whom I call friends.

I imagined celebrating with them as these children grew and experienced accomplishment and victory in Christ.

I imagined praying with them over uncertainty, for guidance and for healing.

I imagined my heart been torn with them at some circumstance of my own, or their own…or the world’s own.

As I stood and watched them gather at the front of the church my mind flooded with all the possibilities these little lives held.  In fear and excitement I prayed for the protection of their souls. My eyes turned to the crown of smiling faces…the parents, friends, aunts, and uncles of these little lives, and I was brought to tears.

That was it…in that moment I heard a still small voice say “See, I told you.”

He knew. He knew the work He had planned in this community, in this congregation…and He knew we were all to be a part of it. He knew my family needed to be a part of it, and I was overwhelmed in that moment how once again He had provided so perfectly.

I stood there unnecessarily restraining my tears realizing that God had not provided me a church, but a family. One I am excited to be a part of, to watch grow, to support and allow to support me.

Thank you to all those who are a part of that future.



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