Faith Like A Little Child

On September 26th there was a Family Fall Festival here in Mount Albert. Our Children’s choir was asked to perform.  The request was very last-minute and at a very busy time of year. Donna, being the wonder that she is, graciously worked her magic to get as many children out to attend as she could.  As expected, God was good and about 10 children came. They were completely unprepared, they did not have a great sound system, it was not a formal stage, and they had not rehearsed at all.

The music started and they stood there and began to sing song after song from church and VBS about God and Jesus to the families and members of the community around them. They laughed and danced and did their actions and without doubt, fear or concern of any judgement and they preformed beautifully – all to God’s glory.

I had another mom say to me it had made her emotional watching them shine like little lights to the community around them. That comment is what inspired this message today.light

I wonder if at the end of their performance the kids had said “and now our parents will sing with us too!” how many of us would have got up and joined in. I wonder how unashamed and excited we would have been to sing of God’s love to the community around us? I can almost hear the excuses…’We are not prepared’ or ‘We don’t know all the words’  and perhaps even more loudly I can hear the thoughts like: ‘What will people think?’, ‘I didn’t dress for this’, ‘I am not a singer’…etc., etc., etc.

When does that happen I wonder? When does the innocence and joy of singing aloud about God give way to the worry and fear of perception and judgement? Now, I am not saying we should just randomly be forced to get up and perform any time, anywhere. What I AM saying is that it makes my heart sad that at some point we stopped just unashamedly talking, praying, sing, worshipping God whenever and wherever the Holy Spirit leads. It is a dark consideration that the fear of public judgement sometimes becomes priority over God’s leading.

Perhaps that is why in Matthew 18:3 it says:

And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

The Holy Spirit guides us everyday in God’s will. Maybe a whisper to ask someone to pray for them, or to raise your hands in church, or fall to you knees in humility. Maybe it is to share the gospel with a neighbour or to talk about Jesus more in our everyday lives. Maybe this verse is reminding of us of a time when we would happily been lights to the world around us instead of micromanaging all the details to make it ‘right’. When we would just leave to all to God, and do it His way.

Next time you feel the Holy Spirit leading you. I encourage you do not let doubt or fear of anything prevent you from being a beacon of God’s love, light and joy to those around you…just like those amazing little children of God who represented Him so very well just a few weeks ago.


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