Becoming The Church…


I wonder if there will be a moment when it will all becomes real for the church? We the church.

A moment when cliche words and memorized scripture stop falling lifeless to the ground without action? I wonder if it will come to pass that when we say we love – we go love, and when we say we should give – we go give, and when we say we want to life a life honouring to Christ we do that too.

I wonder if there is a moment when it will stop being about what we know to be true and become about how that truth defines who we are?

If we are going to effect change in this world, if we are going to make a difference in our lives and the lives of those around us, then we have to make that decision. It only takes the breifest moment to decide and then a lifetime to pursue…and oh! what a pursuit.

Imagine if you decided today in this moment that you will just love, care for, and help EVERYone unconditionally. That you would let go of gossip, judgement, criticism, hurt, fear, jealously and hatred..Let.It.Go, it is killing you. Instead make a choice to  actively and boldly champion righteousness, holiness, humility, acceptance, compassion and love.

Consider the potential impact. Consider the reaction? Imagine the change…

We can say, do and act like all the ‘right’  Christian things, but if it is not in our heart in our very core, the words fall flat and become more damaging than the most hurtful expressions.

Is it so hard for us to seek to be Christ like…to be CHRISTIAN? Is He asking so much of us? Is it such a great task to just love?

And so it is Christmas….

Let us give Joy out of the poverty of our spirits…give money from the plenty or emptiness of our funds…give love out of the loneliness we harbour…give forgiveness out of the jealously inside. Caution ourselves to the modern trend of justification in the church. Where we become comfortable being a ‘good’ person, who seeks seemingly acceptable excuses for why we are or are not doing something.  You know, I sometimes imagine myself on that glorious day meeting my Saviour and I think of every justification, excuse and rationalization in my mind for what I have chosen to procrastinate on or not do…and not one..NOT ONE could I even imagine myself mustering the ability to utter in light of what was done for me.

We are told to Ask and it shall be given unto us. Maybe you, like me, want this change…maybe you think it’s impossible. But with God ALL things are possible  We need to come broken…actually broken…before Him and ask Him to change us…He CAN, and He will work in us to accomplish His many wonders.

Someone once told me we should not teach our children that Jesus comes into their hearts to stay. She said that when Jesus comes into your life He flows from the top of your head through the tips of your toes and explodes out of you to light the world around you! Amen!

Do think there will be a time for us the church to want that badly enough to ask Him for it? It is my deepest hope that there is, and that it would be today.





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