‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – Revised


‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the town,

Lights sparkled on houses and there was snow on the ground.

The stockings were hung and nativity set,

Still, the best part of Christmas had not arrived quite yet,


The children were packed all snug in the van,

Looking tidy and clean, doing as best as they can,

With mom in her dress and dad in a suit,

We were all settled in and already en route.

When we finally arrived there arose such a fuss,

Away to the doors we flew in a rush,

The light from the candles and tree filled the air,

And gave a glorious glow to the activity there,

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But a room full of people and their loved ones so dear,

With a Pastor and choir so lively and bright,

I knew in a moment that this was just right,

Then more rapid than eagles my tasks came to mind,

And in them no rest or peace could I find,

There were dishes, and baking and cooking and gifts,

And cleaning and wrapping and more on the list.

To the front of the room, to the nativity there,

I looked and my worries went away without care,

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,

I remembered the who, and remembered the why.


I drew in my children and was just sitting down,

When I stopped and I heard the most melodious sound,

Sweet songs of praise, they filled the whole hall,

And somehow my worries didn’t matter at all,

At the front in a manger lay a baby so sweetly,

If you do not take a moment you may miss Him completely,

He was dressed all in cloths from his head to his toe,

They were ragged and dirty from the stable floor below,

 A great gift of love, nothing it lacked,

So much better than any toy from a sack,

His eyes how they twinkled, His face how merry,

And yet for us, such a burden would carry,

I am sure that he laughed, and cried reaching for mom,

And from the very first moment, was the example of love,

And I smiled when I saw him, in spite of my heart,

For I know the ending to this child’s humble start.

But looking at this figure of a child in his bed,

Soon gave to me to know I had nothing to dread,

And after the evening I spoke not a word,

Of that moment of peace and rest that occurred,

I went straight home, and finished my tasks,

Then sat down and rested in quiet at last.

As I sat, I wondered if everyone knows,

That baby died for our sins, and to heaven He rose,

I sprang from my chair, and fell to my knees,

And endlessly thanked Him for His gift to me.


Then I said to myself as I turned out the lights,

Merry Christmas to all, and God Bless You This Night.



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