God IS Good

As many of you know recently my dad went in for a procedure on his brain. It was elective and he never made a big deal about it, but still at the end of the day they were working on his brain.  He had a very new procedure that used a highly focused ultrasound beam to burn out 3mm of neurones in his brain that were mis-firing causing an involuntary hand tremor. The tremor had been there as long as I can remember, but in the last years got much worse to the point that holding a hot drink or signing his name would become difficult on an off day.

I asked for prayer support on the matter and as I sat waiting for the 5 hours the procedure too I found myself in conversation with God many times about him, the medial staff and the technology and equipment involved.

When the procedure was complete it had been a total success. Dad’s hand was an still as anyone’s and he was sitting there feeding himself Jello with a goofy smile on his face.  As anyone would I shared the good news with the world and thanked them for their prayers. More than once in person and vis social media I heard these words “God is good” and I always replied “Yes, He is!”.


As I was driving home though, I froze. In a moment of conviction and correction my heart was seized with one single thought. “What if the worst had happened? What if the turnout had been less than desirable? What if you were in mourning, not in celebration? Would you still be calling me good? Would you still be hearing “God is good.” and replying so eagerly “Yes, He is!”

The truth is so often I fall into the trap of equating God’s goodness with the good things happening in my life. When something positive comes my way, prayer is answered (how I expected) and life is good.  However, what I know but forget to sometimes consider is that God IS good.  Goodness is not an attribute of God. Rather the complete and pure essence of good is sourced wholly in God. Whether my life and plans are what I think they should be, whether I am sining on a mountain or devastated in the valley does not determine the level of good that comes from God. Who God is and His goodness is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In my story at the beginning of this message, God was good. There was nothing wrong with me celebrating and being thankful for His choosing to allow victory in the moment. However now, I find myself more grateful that He chose to use that moment to check my heart, test my spirit and remind me that God really IS good.




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