All I Need

I sit and look over my calendar of the next few days. In the moment I find myself racing in my mind figuring out why I agreed to it all…how to I get out of it…and there is part of me that wants to run away and hide from it all.

I cry out in my heart to God for time, energy and determination to get through everything I need to. Somehow I am expecting Him to make what looks like a daunting week of activity into a relaxing, easy-going week of fun.

Then in my heart I heard Pslam 23:1  “The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.”


A Shepherd does not provide a weeks of water and food for His flock and leave it be. Daily He watches and provides, moment to moment He meets they every need.

And so, today I will not ask God for a weeks worth of solution, but a moments. I ask him for one task at a time. One need at a time. I do not need to conquer the week…just this breath and then the next – and I have everything I need to do it.

There is peace and strength in the word go God. Small simple phrases that remind me of what I already know in my heart but the world is so strongly trying to pull me away from.

God (at least in my life) rarely turns the dragon into a unicorn, rather He fashions me a sword and breathes into me the courage to conquer the beast before me.

Hope you have an amazing week ladies,conquering dragons…



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