Love Them All

Have we completely forgotten how to love?

Love bears all things…

And yet people can not even seem to handle having a difference of opinion between friends.

Loves believes all things…

And yet there is mistrust, doubt and bitterness rampant in many marriages.

Loves hopes all things…

Yet there is less and less the ability for people to believe the best in people and circumstances and to find genuine joy for the success of others.

Love endures all things…

And yet people give up on each other every day.

Love never fails…



So what are we doing wrong?

Do we love wrong? Or do we not understand what it is to love?

The Bible does not say God is the source of love. It says God IS love. We need to believe that, cling to it and allow that love to fill us so full that it moves right through us and into the people we encounter. If we do not have God, we do not have the love we need to share.

Love isn’t scheduled, planned and often it is inconvenient. Love however, is intentional.

Love does not mean we blindly believe in everything someone is doing, or that it will always be received and accepted in the way WE would choose.  We love because God loved us first, period. Not for the response it creates…we leave that with God. By planting the seed of love in their lives we are planting God in them. Have you considered that?

When will we stop seeing colour, race, class, attitude, circumstance, mental illness, addiction, life choice, and just see people who need love? When will we stop assessing if they deserve it, if they have ‘got themselves in this mess’, or determining they will never change, and just start loving on them?

Love, being God, has NO limitations except the ones we choose to place on it, often in the form of excuses.

Everyday I pray God will blind me to what the world wants me to see in people and remind me every time I look at someone that I am to love them, that is all – not change them, just love them. Agree, disagree, same or different, kind or cruel, all I am asked to do is love them. And I pray and repent that it seems so hard to do, when so much love was extended to me.

Let us then ladies – love them. Love them all! Every neighbour, colleague, family member and friend. Love the ones who are unloveable and the ones where we come left feel battered and bruised from the effort. Love them intensely, passionately and ask God to refill Him in us so we can continue to pour out without ceasing.

Let us love them all.



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